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Hiking experience required; You should be able to walk for at least 2 hours without a break.



Small groups enable an individual nature experience of a special kind

Price per person

including shuttle, guide, food and souvenir


  • 9:00 am.: meeting point in the Pionier Bar; brief instruction by the Into the Wild Guide;
  • 9.15 a.m.: Transfer by shuttle to the starting point of the "Ameisauen" tour
  • 9.30 a.m .: Start of the hike
  • 4:00 p.m .: Arrival at Kachlmoor and transfer back to the lodge

Equipment check the night before in the Pionbare

Subject to changes due to weather and alpine dangers.

Level - MEDIUM

Leads over mountain trails that require surefootedness; can be steeper and narrower on longer passages.

Short, insured walking sections can occur; these usually defuse short (dangerous) passages that are dangerous to fall;

Hiking experience required; You should be able to walk for at least 2 hours without a break.


This is YOUR day in freedom

Into The Wild

We start the adventure

The day begins with an extensive breakfast that gives you the strength you will need on our way out. After a short drive to the starting point (Ameisauen), a mystical place, we climb a steep path towards Zton. On the way there we have the most impressive view of Heiligenblut / Großglockner. Even if the path is steep, the forest through which it leads is magical. Here, where the landscape was the backdrop for the Hollywood movie "The Bear" and the forest serves as a wood reserve for our famous church of St. Vincent von Heiligenblut am Großglockner.

With a view & enjoyment

St. Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters, accompanies us on this steep path, which is evidenced by a small martyr on the way. Again and again the forest lets our gaze through small gaps through Heiligenblut and civilization becomes more and more a puppet theater.

After about 2 hours of walking we reach a small hut that promises protection to the hunters and we take a well-deserved rest there. Fresh spring water strengthens us and soon the first effort is forgotten. Now freedom begins. Only you and the wilderness are up here. We follow the small path up to the edge of the terrain that separates the two valleys Mölltal and Retschitztal and, if our condition allows, we climb the Ochsenkopf, which majestically keeps watch at the beginning of the picturesque Retschitztal valley. At lunchtime, we reach the high plateau behind Hap via lush high alpine pastures with incredibly fragrant flowers.

Our mouths are watering when we think of the snacks we have brought with us, which we will eat with pleasure: Mölltaler bacon, venison sausages, cheese, homemade bread ... wonderful!

Marvel, enjoy and let yourself sit

Now it's time to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. The highest mountain in Austria with its glacier flanks in front of you becomes aware of the importance of being human. We lie in the meadow and let ourselves drift until we doze away under the protection of the warm sun rays and forget everything around us. The famous afternoon nap is granted to us and we feel that we have chosen our vacation in the mountains correctly. After awakening, they are back, the forces that we thought we had lost in the hard day-to-day work. As it is in life - when it's most beautiful, you have to go. On the descent we really enjoy the day again and take in everything that nature has to offer.

Your day in freedom - the end

The Gössnitz valley stretches in front of us - a wonderfully picturesque sight of these high alpine pastures. Cows and horses are up here all summer and really enjoy the lush greenery. You can feel it a bit, civilization, but only a little. We follow the fairly well-developed alpine path back into the valley. It's a good thing the path is so beautiful together, because our bones and muscles are already a little tired. At the very end, before we reach our destination, we get the fabulous view of the largest waterfall in the national park - the Gössnitz waterfall. Its water rushes loudly over the rock edge into the valley and crashes again with a breathtaking thunder on the ground. The spray conjures up a rainbow in the sky and then we feel it again, the freedom in the mountains that has accompanied us all day and will remain in our memories forever when we are back in everyday life and the strength of Longing for mountains.

The Kachlmoor is our destination, where our taxi is already waiting and will lead us safely back to the lodge. In the Pionbar a deserved beer and then off to the sauna to make our tired bones fit again. A day in freedom will accompany us from now on forever.

Have we awakened your thirst for adventure?

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