If climate change is on your mind and you care about the environment, the Nationalpark Lodge Grossglockner is the place for you. A careful use of resources, as well as a deep commitment to regionality, have been part of our philosophy for decades and across multiple generations.  

"To think about the end in everything you do, that is sustainability."

This statement perfectly describes the ecological, social and economical paradigm of the Nationalpark Lodge Grossglockner. By establishing our Into the Wild programme, we consciously rejected the idea of resource-intensive infrastructures. Instead, the landscapes of the Hohe Tauern National Park – and our respectful relationship with our natural surroundings – have become our fundamental flagship product.

The Nationalpark Lodge is a family business situated in the centre of Heiligenblut. We are the largest job providers in the village, and enjoy a long-standing involvement in our community’s social and cultural endeavours. To us, the term ‘Regional Circular Economy’ is not just an abstract concept: we actively collaborate with local partners – including small businesses, craftsmen and direct sellers of agricultural produce – to create a more regional and sustainable way of life.


The steps we take to help combat climate change are evident all around our premises. Roof-mounted solar panels provide us with plenty of hot water. We are also the owners and initiators of Heiligenblut’s bioenergy plant – which supplies not only the Nationalpark Lodge, but the entire village centre. This heating method saves around 80,000 litres of fuel oil each year in our hotel alone.


Bringing goods to a remote village such as Heiligenblut usually involves long transport routes. We therefore place a strong focus on using suppliers from the surrounding area – including, of course, regional farmers. This allows us to support local agriculture whilst also avoiding high-pollution, long-distance deliveries.

Climate action and environmental protection were also on the forefront of our minds when planning our refurbishment. Both the hotel and the staff house have been fitted with modern, heat-insulating windows. Our entire ventilation system works on the basis of heat recovery to avoid wasting energy. We are also successively replacing all in-house lights with energy-efficient LED systems.


Heiligenblut am Grossglockner is embedded in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Perhaps this is why environmental awareness has long become an ingrained habit for those living here. The village’s bio waste-water plant was built as early as the 1990s, while separating recyclables has been a customary practice for the past several decades.


We also take great care when choosing our cleaning agents: at the Nationalpark Lodge, we only use eco-certified, environmentally friendly products.


We believe that every day is a new chance to rethink our impact on the planet, and work towards living in harmony with our environment. If you are concerned about your ecological footprint, you can rest assured: a holiday with us is a holiday with a clear conscience.