Holidays for the whole family and of course the four-legged friend is one of them.

I'm Blues, the four-legged friend of Hannes & Barbara!

I've been on some Into the wild tours and have to tell you - wonderful! I would be happy if you and your Herrl / Frauerl accompanied us on a tour. But what do you have to prepare for in our lodge? There are some questions that concern the dog owner. We have summarized what you should know ...

"Where can I be anywhere in the hotel?"

On the ground floor like in the hall, in the pioneer bar and in the Glocknerstube. Please make sure that your Herrl or Frauerl is always on a leash. Due to the hygiene regulations, access to the other hotel premises is not permitted. If your family would like to have you with you when you eat, you are welcome to eat together in our Glocknerstube.

"Where can I sleep anywhere?"

It is great, of course, if your family brings your own dog blanket from home, you will feel twice as comfortable with us. The bed, the couch, the armchairs in the room as well as the benches and armchairs in the pioneer bar are comfortable, but for well-behaved dogs there is no place to lie or sit!
If you forgot your dog blanket or bowl at home, you are welcome to borrow one from reception.

"Where should the dog owner lead me for "Gassi"?"

Welcome to the wild and in the Hohe Tauern National Park.
In principle, you can move anywhere with your Herrl / Frauerl, provided you always have a dog bag with you.

Unfortunately, the "officially prescribed no-dog zone", which refers to the small park next to the hotel, begins at the stairs on our terrace. If you would like tips on walks and hiking trails, they know all about them at the reception. Just ask one of our employees.

"May I also defend my territory, that is, the hotel room?"

The maid would of course like to clean up the hotel room. Tell your people to arrange a time with her when it suits you best. So that the maid doesn't get scared, the door sign simply hangs out.

If your Herrl / Frauerl have forgotten their food at home, that's no problem. There is a selection of dog food in our Adeg Aktiv Mölltalmarkt. Just get in touch with the reception, they'll be happy to order the right food for you.