Alaska café in the middle of Europe. Two days of pure outdoor living in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Take a breathtaking journey into nature past waterfalls and primeval forests. Overnight in a wild, romantic alpine hut high above Heiligenblut.

A superlative outdoor and nature experience. Only in Alaska can you find such an exhilarating landscape. Past waterfalls, primeval forests and alpine, untouched high valleys, the path leads us into the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park.



NATURE day tour with overnight stay


from years

(The suitability for the tour is decided in individual cases by the Into the Wild Guide!)

Price per person

incl. shuttle, guide, meals, 1x overnight stay in a hut, souvenir


  • 9:00 a.m.: meeting point in the Pionier Bar; brief instruction by the Into the Wild Guide;
  • 9.15 a.m.: Transfer by shuttle to the Jungfernsprung
  • 9.30 a.m.: Start of the hike
  • the next day approx. 4 p.m .: arrival at the National Park Lodge

Equipment check the night before in the Pionbare

Subject to changes due to weather and alpine dangers.


Leads over mountain paths that are steep, narrow and can be dangerous (exposed) on longer passages. Your ascent requires sure-footedness, a head for heights and alpine experience.

Insured pedestrian passages occur frequently and also require the use of hands on shorter passages (short, easy climbing points);

Pronounced hiking and trekking experience required; you should be able to hike at least 4 hours without long breaks!


Your trip with an Alaska feeling

Into The Wild

We start the adventure

We meet on the evening before at the Bergführerhäusl information table for a briefing in order to be well prepared for our adventure. Packed with information, we relax with a neat dinner and then go to bed early so that we can start well rested the next day. After an extensive breakfast we start our tour at 9:00 a.m. The in-house shuttle takes us to the starting point, the Jungfernsprung. Its water bubbles out of the over 100m high rock wall and crashes into the valley floor with a roar. We climb steeply uphill on its east side, right through the cool forest in the morning. We are walking slowly since we still have a long way to go.

After about 2 hours of walking we slowly leave the forest behind us and the larches and stone pines allow us to see the open area more and more until we finally reach the open meadows of the Zopenitztal. We are entitled to a first rest and for the first time we can see the peaks of the impressive 3000m from the Schober Group. It is also called the Karakorum in the Alps. The mountains resemble their brothers in the Himalayas. Even if they lack height, they are in no way inferior in beauty.

the night in the mountains

We continue up through this impressive valley, past long-abandoned alpine pastures to the Retschitzscharte. Now we are in the middle of the core zone of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Here it is, the last bastion of Central Europe's wilderness, the retreat of endangered plants and animals. We are only tolerated guests here and are allowed to participate with awe at the origin of life. From now on we walk a ridge from Talderkopf to Kreuzkopf and Ochsenkopf and feel like an eagle that circles in the sight of the Grossglockner.

We soon reached our daily goal. A wildly romantic hut high above Heiligenblut. As if through a window from an unreal world, we watch the people in the valley with their hectic activity. However, we are very calm - a bit exhausted but satisfied and are preparing our bed for the night. A "frigga" is cooked - an old, traditional dish, as used to be eaten by the grooms in the forest. It gives us strength and makes our tired bones fresh again. The hut is now warmed up nicely and we sit together comfortably and review the day or we even exchange a few thoughts before going to bed and we relax for the next day.

It continues towards the sky

Early in the morning, when you are still in bed, your guide has already re-heated the stove and you will be awakened by the crackling of the logs. A well-known smell of coffee permeates our noses. Let's go folks, a new day has begun and we still have some plans. After breakfast and a short hut cleaning, we continue with our tour. Into the Retschitztal, an indescribably beautiful high valley of the Schober group, as you will soon notice. There is also a small mountain pasture here. Carinthian blond cattle, the Petrusbauer, have a species of cattle that is threatened with extinction. This is also the Hohe Tauern National Park - alpine pasture in harmony with nature.
Via "Hap" it goes with a view of the Großglockner over the Gößnitz valley back to Heiligenblut. The marmots whistle and the chamois jump back and forth in the rocks and we can only be amazed at their skill.

the crowning descent

The descent is still a little bit of a challenge, since our muscles are already burning slightly, but we can still do it with flying colors. We started at one of the most impressive waterfalls and are finally received by the Gößnitz waterfall. This sight makes us forget the hardships of the past two days and our soul cheers with happiness. One last look at the sky and we are back in civilization. Thank God that we can share in your paradise!

Have we awakened your thirst for adventure?

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