Exactly the right tour to get going. Through one of the most famous larch forests in Carinthia and over lush alpine meadows, the path leads us to the Sandkopf, from where we can enjoy the ingenious view from the Großglockner to the Dolomites.



Daytripp NATURE


from years

Hiking experience required; You should be able to walk for at least 2 hours without a break.



Small groups enable an individual nature experience of a special kind

Price per person

including shuttle, guide, food and souvenir


  • 9:00 am.: meeting point in the Pionier Bar; brief instruction by the Into the Wild Guide;
  • 9.15 a.m.: Transfer by shuttle to the starting point of the "Ameisauen" tour
  • 9.30 a.m .: Start of the hike
  • 4:00 p.m .: Arrival at Kachlmoor and transfer back to the lodge

Equipment check the night before in the Pionbare

Subject to changes due to weather and alpine dangers.

Level - MEDIUM

Leads over mountain trails that require surefootedness; can be steeper and narrower on longer passages.

Short, insured walking sections can occur; these usually defuse short (dangerous) passages that are dangerous to fall;

Hiking experience required; You should be able to walk for at least 2 hours without a break.


The way to the Sandkopf

Into The Wild

We start the adventure

We start at 9:00 am after an extensive and energizing breakfast. The sun is shining and our shuttle is waiting in front of the lodge. We briefly check our equipment, as we do on every tour. Good footwear & rainwear (because even when the sun is shining, a thunderstorm is possible in the mountains at any time). Today, the sunscreen should not be missing either. A detailed equipment check and the tour discussion take place the evening before at the Bergführerhäusl information table. This saves us time and we can start.

With the shuttle to the starting point

Our shuttle takes us to the Apriacher Alm. From there it goes north on foot through one of the most beautiful, if not the most famous, larch forest in Carinthia. The farmers up here are extremely proud of their larch trees - after all, they have cared for them for many generations. The forest is not only forest, but also pasture for the cows, who, as we can see, are happy and satisfied. After about an hour we leave the forest behind and come to lush alpine meadows. The view of the valley is simply gigantic. We can let our eyes wander from the Großglockner via Heiligenblut to the Dolomites towards Italy. We can also recognize Heiligenblut with its famous church and our hotel, but small. Up there you go past small huts, some of which serve as shelters, because up here the weather can quickly become uncomfortable and then you are happy to have a shelter.

the scent and the view

Wonderful how the herbs smell and the fragrance reveals the healing power that is in them. Interesting how little they get along with and yet develop such a power. You can also feel the power of the herbs in the lodge with the home-picked Vroni tea. We can already see the Wetterkreuz from afar, our goal in front of us is easier, even if the distance is not easy to estimate up here in the mountains.

"Berg Heil" and a handshake gives us confirmation that we have actually made it. Wow - this look is irreplaceable. Glockner group, Schober group, Goldberg group and south the Dolomites. It's insane. After an extensive summit experience, the same way leads us back to the lodge, where a relaxed end to the day is waiting for us.

Have we awakened your thirst for adventure?

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