Heiligenblut: a place as a postcard motif

The village of Heiligenblut, St. Vincent parish church and, in the background, the mighty Grossglockner: a perfect postcard image that has become famous around the world. To us, this is simply our home – the place whose natural landscape, cultural traditions and history have become an inherent part of who we are.

The Glockner village of Heiligenblut

Life up here at the westernmost point in Carinthia is characterized by tradition, hard work and, of course, love of nature.

The Grossglockner and the unique Church of St. Vincent are symbols of this special way of life. The Glockner stands for freedom and so it is not surprising that we Heiligenbluters have our conflicts again and again with measures depriving them of freedom.

The beautiful church stands for tradition and cohesion. A lot of things can only be done up here together.
You can only survive here if you are ready to integrate and participate. It actually sounds like a contradiction: to be free and still dependent. And so they are also the Heiligenblut - contradictory in the eternal struggle to keep the balance between these two so decisive powers - freedom and dependence.

As a guest you will soon realize that something is different here.

The customization that you get elsewhere with sophisticated infrastructure is wrong here. Loud apre-ski - no such thing, heated, state-of-the-art lifts that transport thousands of non-skiers - no such thing.

In return you get a lot of untouched nature for hiking and mountaineering in summer or in winter sheer freedom to pull your swings into the snow.

You get peace of mind to relax. You can participate in local life without a tourism grin mask. Because we don't grin up here, but we laugh with joy with full heart's content or are angry when something doesn't suit us. If this direct, honest way is too much for you, you should rather spend your vacation somewhere else.

Not only the people who live here are special, but also the landscape. On the one hand, the rural cultural landscape with its steep mountain meadows, alpine pastures and centuries-old mountain farms. On the other hand, the untouched wilderness of the Hohe Tauern National Park. An impressive natural landscape with countless three-thousand meter peaks, mountain lakes and beautiful places. Here you are and only you. Deceleration is not an artificial tourism program here, but an everyday reality.

When you come back from your extensive outdoor experiences, everything that your body and soul needs to relax awaits you at the National Park Lodge Großglockner. Wonderful cuisine, soothing wellness and cozy living.

Culture and customs are an integral part of the place. They are the glue in society. From church festivals to social get-togethers with music, everything is included. You are welcome everywhere, because we love the exchange with other people and cultures. You can really chill out in nice little bars and restaurants.

Heiligenblut am Großglockner is different and that's not just a marketing idea. Anyone who comes here will always remember this place.

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