New Spa & Wellness area: for mind, body and soul

Gliding through the waters of our generous indoor pool; absorbing vitality and heat in a variety of saunas; resting in the relaxation room or out on the sunbathing lawn as you day-dream and ponder life’s great and small adventures. All the while, the soothing scents of arnica, St. John’s Wort, hay and other native alpine herbs infuse the air, enhancing your massages and body wraps with the healing powers of nature.

Indoor pool

7 x 14 m, 28 °C. Ideal swimming conditions.

Finnish panorama sauna

90 °C. Classic sauna with stunning views of the surrounding mountains

Salt steam cabin

40 – 45 °C. Gentle and deeply relaxing.
For anyone who prefers warm steam to the dry heat of a classic sauna.

Organic herb sauna

50 – 55 °C. The scent of the wild: pleasantly invigorating. For anyone who appreciates the powers of the wild.

Relaxation room

The aromatic scent of arolla pine, a cosy tea-break corner, library, hay room, stunning views. And above all: complete quiet. Ideal for relaxation, meditation and idle dreaming.

Massages, Body wraps and beauty treatments

We only use high-quality natural products in our massages, body wraps and beauty treatments. Our herbs are sourced from controlled wild collection, often within our own region. 

Brands: Dr. Grandel, Kurland

See here for an overview of our range of massages, body wraps and beauty treatments.


Small, but effective: workout fans can test their limits on the following equipment (all by TechnoGym):

  • Treadmill
  • Ergometer
  • Vertical Traction
  • Chest Press
  • Ercolina

Sunbathing lawn 

Beautifully warm, sheltered lawn with fantastic views of the Moell Valley. The ultimate place to bask in the sun.

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