So far, they’ve taken me on quite a few ‘Into the Wild’ tours, and I’ve got to tell you: I had a great time! If you’d like to accompany your owner on one of our excursions, I’d be very pleased – and I’m sure you’ll love every minute.  But before you set out, what should every canine guest know about staying at the Nationalpark Lodge?

Here are the answers to some of the most important questions:


In which areas of the Nationalpark Lodge am I allowed?
Aside from your owner’s hotel room, you are welcome in the downstairs foyer, the Pioneers’ Bar, and the ‘Glocknerstube’. Please make sure that your owner keeps you on a leash at all times! Due to hygiene reasons, the rest of the hotel is out of bounds. If your family would like you to accompany them to dinner, simply opt for the ‘Glocknerstube’ dining room.


Where am I allowed to sleep?
Ideally, your owners will have brought your familiar bedding from home, so you can feel especially comfortable. However, if they forgot to pack your blanket (or food bowl), they can borrow both at the hotel reception. The beds, sofas and armchairs in our guest rooms might well look inviting – just like the benches and chairs in the Pioneers’ Bar – but neither of them are a place for well-behaved dogs!


Where can my owners take me to ‘go walkies’?
Welcome to the Hohe Tauern National Park: in our rural surroundings, most areas are freely accessible – provided your owners always clean up using dog waste bags. Unfortunately, the small park next to the hotel is an officially designated Dog-Free Zone (starting from the stairs that lead down from our terrace). However, our staff has plenty of tips on suitable walks and hiking paths nearby - just ask at the reception!


What about defending my territory – in this case, the hotel room? 
Naturally, the maid would like to enter your family’s room to keep it comfortable and clean. We suggest your owners arrange a specific time for her to come by while you are out and about. To ensure the maid does not walk in on you when you’re ‘on guard’, we would ask your owners to place the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside of your door.


P.S.: Don’t worry if your family has forgotten to bring your favourite food – the local grocery shop (Adeg Aktiv Mölltalmarkt) stocks a selection of dog foods. Simply ask at the reception – the hotel team will happily order in the food brand of your choice.